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Load cells, as well as pressure sensors and gauges, have a wide variety of specific applications. For example, warehouse workers use load cells to determine the exact weight of loaded pallets. In food processing, load cells and pressure sensors give a precise ingredient measurement and distribute them accordingly during packaging. Other applications include calibration systems, fatigue testing in research and development laboratories, push-pull testing and flow measurement, bridge beam tension strength testing, railcar weighing, and truck scales.

Absolute pressure transducers/sensors are designed to accommodate pressure increases by providing output voltage increases, created with the help of a vacuum sealed or near vacuum sealed internal reference chamber. With a low-profile structure, bending beam load cells are made for integration into restricted areas. S-beam load cells are, as one might expect, “S” shaped. They provide superior side load rejection, and, if they are compressed or under pressure, an output.

Platform load cells, also called single point load cells, are designed to collect accurate readings no matter the load position on the platform, while, operating with a similar principle, multi-load cell scales maintain extreme accuracy by taking readings from more than one point on the scale. Interface load cells serve larger systems that constantly measure torque and force. Load cells give weight, pressure, and mass measurements with readings within .25% for loads of all size, from very small, to several thousand tons, to everything in between.

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